If you have shopped for a house, ordered a prescription online, bought a stock or searched for a job, odds are you have already leveraged some of the technologies developed and implemented by our team. You are probably benefitting from some of our work on a daily basis.

We develop and implement technology solutions that improve people’s lives while providing an extremely high return-on-investment. The EPG team is often called upon to do what other firms steer away from – taking over a project that is well behind schedule and over budget – developing and implementing technology solutions and mobilizing applications – launching a best-in-class PMO for a large, complex IT organization. These are the types of challenges that demonstrate our capabilities under the most trying conditions.

who we are

EPG solutions has the expertise, experience and energy to deliver outrstanding project management and technology consulting services. Driven by a leadership team with more than 25 years of Technology, Project Management and Staffing experience, EPG delivers top talent, project efficiencies, technology solutions and deep industry expertise.

our team

We've successfully landed many of the brightest minds in the industry. EPG’s consultants are degreed professionals with extensive experience delivering world-class technology solutions.

Our Talent Acquisition Team has been built and cultivated on the belief that the best Recruiters will source and retain the best talent for our clients.

adaptable + agile

EPG is committed to adapting to rapidly changing industry and market conditions so we can consistently stay ahead of the competition.

EPG partners with our clients to ensure that they realize, and are able to capitalize every competitive advantage available to them.

broad reach,
personalized approach

We offer project resources on a contract basis (short-term and long-term).